Top Guidelines Of rightnow technologies Case Solution

A Python utility for packaging up multi-file Python scripts into only one file, dependencies and all.

A straightforward landing page Django application with brief setup, minimal dependencies, but nevertheless managable from Django admin pages.

cpu_cores-py is a little python library to obtain the amount of'actual Bodily' cpu cores of the linux/osx box

Devpi-builder usually takes a needs.txt and incrementally fills a devpi index with wheels from the listed python packages.

Remodel your csv file or perhaps a sheet of the xls, xlsx and ods right into a sortable HTML file working with csvtotable

A list of django fields that internally are encrypted using the native python encryption library.

A light-fat Python library that provides a serial bridge for communicating with Arduino read more microcontroller boards

Google Analytics assortment api - now utilize it in server too (not merely customer). You are able to track your server aspect ask for / API ask for which aren't achievable applying consumer js of Google Analytics.

Abnum - Alphabetic numerals package deal like a variety of letter worth substituting programs from ancient times to modern-day artificial types

Amerika! is a quick and simple to use Python library for generating dummy info for America of The united states. This details can be particularly handy during software program progress and tests.

The script is that will help you search both for particular keys or values in multi-tier nested python dictionaries (possibly indigenous or transformed from JSON).

Python port of Consume, a software method designed from the USFS that calculates use and emissions from wildland fires

Importing this module allows automated post mortem debugging on any exception. It employs module specified in envvar

Adaptable tool for scraping for sure specified DOM components, and afterwards emailing if new types are additional.

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